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 Growing up in Western Australia’s remote Pilbara region, Kitty developed a real passion for nature that has never waned. With a child’s inquisitive eyes, she quickly became fascinated with the ancient, intensely beautiful environment that was her playground. After discovering early on a real flair for photography, Kitty began to spend countless hours capturing the majesty of the natural world around her. Now resident in South Western Australia, Kitty continues to record in stunning detail all the beauty that home in her new district has to offer.


Kitty’s exquisite studies of nature using the medium of macro-photography have already been featured in several World Wide Art Books publications. The abundant flow of colour, light, texture and energy in Kitty’s work is inspired by her natural affinity with the environment and her endless fascination with recording nature in vivid close-up. Every image in this, Kitty’s first photographic exhibition, was taken in natural light using a Canon 5D camera, with no enhancement or manipulation. Kitty loves nothing more than to capture and share her spectacular images of the vast Australian outback in all its glory.

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